Life Members

Melville Water Polo Club's Life Members are people who have dedicated many years of their life to better the Club.

Congratulations to our 4 new 2017 Life Member Inductees:

Ken Allan


Ken Allan's Life Membership Nomination

Alan Bowden


Alan Bowden's Life Membership Nomination

Tim Neesham


Tim Neesham's Life Membership Nomination

Neil Stiles


Neil Stiles' Life Membership Nomination


Our Life Members are listed below along with the year that they were awarded Life Membership:

1959 Merv Cowan
1961 Geoff Campbell
1969 Percy Bell
1973 Tom Hoad
1973 Frank Widdicombe
1976 Edward J.P. Neesham
1979 David Neesham
1983 Harry Neesham
1990 Jim Leavy
1990 Neil Litster
1998 Con Regan
2001 Garry Dunne
2004 Peter Neesham
2005 Gerard Neesham
2006 Robert Coleman
2006 Max Trott
2012 Reginald Boston Snr
2012 Steve Powers
2014 Ross  McCaffrey
2016 Dorothy Nordahl MBE
2016 Stephanie Clements (Nee Neesham)
2016 Atholl Flint
2016 Neil Hawtin
2016 Peter Vowles
2017 Ken Allen
2017 Alan Bowden
2017 Tim Neesham
2017 Neil Stiles