Bicton Pool

Blackwall Reach Parade

Bicton, Western Australia

Pool Telephone (08) 9339 7411

All bookings email

Free parking is available at Blackwall Reach Parade (lower carpark), or Phipps St Car Park.

Open to Public

Monday - Friday
5.45am - 1.00pm

12 noon - 1:45 pm


We take bookings for various pool based activities and also have rooms available for use.

You can also enquire about waterpolo bookings and customised training clinic bookings using our experienced water polo staff.

Forward your queries to or cal the pool (08) 9339 7411

Pool Entry Prices effective 1st October 2012

General Admission:


$5.50 Adults | $4.00 Children


$9.00 Adults | $6.00 Children

Concession Passes:

$50 Adult 10 SIngle Swims

$37 Child 10 Single Swims

GeoThermal Therapy Pool

Why fly to New Zealand and follow the sheep, or drive to Timbucktoo when you can enjoy a geothermal pool on the Swan River in Perth?

Our GeoThermal Pool is filled with deliciously warm natural artesian mineral water which has unique therapeutic qualities of

  • soothing aching bones and muscles

  • relaxing tired minds

  • calming shot nerves

  • smothing skin and hair

  • just switching off for 10 or so minutes!

Come and enjoy the steaming hot therapy pool which has everyone coming down and enjoying.

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