Alongside the FlippaBall programs, the Club offers a PoloSkills class with a focus on water polo skills, swimming techniques and movement in the water associated with Water Polo.

Term 2 Poloskills will include 30 minutes of game play at the end of each session.


  • Compliments flippaball / water polo by teaching basic skills for beginner water polo players. The program includes instruction in treading water, swimming with the ball, techniques for holding, passing and catching the ball. This program is ideally suited for those players in Year 2 to 5 at school.


  • This is a natural progression from the beginner program. It teaches advanced water polo skills for more experienced players (including movement in the water, coaching for throwing technique to improve power and accuracy, advanced techniques for movement in the water to beat an opponent in attack and defence). This program is ideally suited for those players in Year 6 or above at school.

In both basic and advanced mode, the children's swimming ability is improved, along with ball skills and team play.



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Term 2, 2018 Poloskills Sessions


Monday, Tuesday & Thursday  4:00pm - 5:00pm


Monday, Tuesday & Thursday: 420pm - 500pm

Cost: $108/child  for 1 PoloSkills session per week for single term enrollment ($12 per class)

Price includes pool entry

Family Discounts: 5% discount for 2nd child, 10% discount for 3rd child, 20% discount for 4th child

Dates: 1st week of Term 1 (Monday 30th April) - running for 9 weeks, through to Thursday 28th June.

**No Monday class on public holiday on Monday 4th June & no charge applicable.


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